GZConf 2013 Presentations

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Roger Davies Monday Invited: The Importance of morphology for galaxy evolution
Karl Glazebrook Monday Invited: Fundamental problems in galaxy evolution
Sugata Kaviraj Monday Are major mergers important?
Chris Lintott Monday Invited: Scientific impact of Galaxy Zoo
Kyle Willett Monday Galaxy Zoo 2: quantifying detailed morphologies for 300,000 galaxies
Sara Ellison Monday From mergers to post-mergers: a complete view of the galaxy interaction sequence
Inchan Ji Monday On the evolution of observable properties of 1:1 merger remnants
Aeree Chung Monday Invited: Environmentally-driven evolution
Kevin Pimbblet Monday The role of stellar mass and environment for cluster blue fraction, AGN and star formation
Nicholas Scott Monday Kinematic morphology and its relationship to local and global environment
Jake Crossett Monday UV bright red sequence cluster galaxies: their environment and morphology
Darren Croton Monday Invited: New simulations in galaxy evolution
Sukyoung Yi Monday Major mergers on massive early-type galaxies in clusters
Tim Dolley Monday A signature of merger driven star formation in spiral galaxies
Hoseung Choi Monday On the origin of tidal features in cluster galaxies
Karen Masters Tuesday Invited: Secular process and galaxy evolution
Thiago Goncalves Tuesday Secular evolution in the green valley
Maritza Lara-Lopez Tuesday Galaxy and mass assembly (GAMA): the connection between metals, specific SFR and HI gas in galaxies: the Z-SSFR relation
Chiara Tonini Tuesday Ordered vs. random motions, the morphology dependence of Tully-Fisher relation and the Fundamental Manifold of spiral galaxies
Kevin Schawinski Tuesday Invited: The role of AGN feedback
Brooke Simmons Tuesday Secular growth of galaxies and supermassive black holes
Stas Shabala Tuesday Connecting black hole activity and star formation with Galaxy Zoo
Julie Banfield Tuesday The environmental impact on the powerful radio galaxy NGC 612 (PKS 0131-36)
Joss Bland-Hawthorn Tuesday Stochastic nature of feedback processes in galaxies
Seulhee Oh Tuesday The role of galactic bars on central star formation and AGN
Thomas Melvin Tuesday Galaxy Zoo: evolution of the bar fraction over the last 8 billion years
Alister Graham Tuesday Clues to galaxy evolution from galaxy structure, and the M_BH - M_BULGE relation
Carol Christian Wednesday Invited: The impact of citizen science outreach & education
Kevin Vinsen Wednesday A BOINC based project for Spectral Energy Distribution fitting
Jen Lotz Wednesday Invited: Quantifying galaxy morphology
David Fisher Wednesday What is a Pseudobulge and why should I care?
Karin Menendez-Delmestre Wednesday Bar morphology as a function of wavelength: a local baseline for high-redshift studies
Chris Snyder Wednesday Invited: What the Zooniverse can do for you
Ed Paget Wednesday UBRETs: Community tools for Zooniverse projects
Jeyhan Kartaltepe Wednesday Morphological classification of galaxies in CANDELS
Veronica Strazzullo Wednesday Early-type galaxies in a cluster at z=2
William Keel Wednesday Fading AGN and backlit galaxies - finding the rare and unexpected with Galaxy Zoo
Andrew Hopkins Thursday Invited: Multiwavelength morphology and galaxy evolution studies
Amanda Bauer Thursday Low-mass galaxies are bursting for attention
Smriti Mahajan Thursday The parameter space of local dwarf galaxies in GAMA
Angel Lopez-Sanchez Thursday Neutral gas in blue compact dwarf galaxies
Iraklis Konstantopoulos Thursday The morphological transformation of galaxies in compact groups
Baerbel Koribalski Thursday Tracing outer edges of galaxy disks
Ivy Wong Thursday Invited: Zooniverse case study: Radio Galaxy Zoo
Jordan Collier Thursday Constraining the evolutionary path of the youngest radio galaxies using radio morphology
Scott Croom Thursday Invited: Integral Field Unit Surveys
Paolo Serra Thursday HI discs in early-type galaxies
Helga Denes Thursday Finding galaxies with unusual HI content
Sebastian Haan Thursday The HST GOALS Survey: probing the morphology and evolution of (U)LIRGs
Michael Brown Thursday Star formation in red spiral galaxies
Matthew Colless Thursday Invited: Conference summary

GZConf 2013 Posters

James Allison,Elaine Sadler, Stephen Curran, Sarah Reeves Detecting the cold neutral gas in young radio galaxies
Sung-Ho An, Jeonghwan Kim, Kiyun Yun, Juhan Kim, Suk-Jin Yoon Searching for Fly-by Encounters of Galaxies in Cosmological Simulations
Veronica Arias, G.F. Lewis A dynamical study of the vast thin plane of galaxies orbiting the Andromeda galaxy
Fuyan Bian Gas inflow and Cosmic Star Formation Efficiency Beyond Z~3
Sarah Bird Testing a Velocity Dispersion Model of the Milky Way Stellar Halo
Nicolas Bonne What Shapes the Local Universe Galaxy Luminosity Function?
Pierluigi Cerulo, Warrick J. Couch, Chris Lidman Morphological Transformation of Red Sequence Galaxies in High Redshift Galaxy Clusters
Rebecca Davies Nature of Nuture? Starburst and AGN in NGC 7130
Ashley Hyde A new morphological catalogue of ~12,000 IRAS galaxies: setting the z=0 baseline for star-forming galaxies
Suk Kim The extended Virgo Cluster catalog
Kyler Kuehn StarBugs: a New Technology for Galaxy Survey Instruments
John Lopez The chemistry and kinematics of molecular clouds near Sagittarius A*
Manuel E. Moreno Raya Elemental Abundances on Galaxies Hosting Type Ia SNe
Sho Nakamura Construction of Global Magnetic Field Structure Model in Disk Galaxies with Three-dimensional MHD simulations: Effects of Steady Spiral Arms
Camilla Pacifici, Susan Kassin, Ben Weiner, Stephane Charlot, Jonathan Gardner The Rise and Fall of the Star Formation Histories of Blue Galaxies at Redshifts 0.2 < z < 1.4
Soo-Chang Rey Ubiquitous early-type dwarf galaxies with blue centers in the Ursa Major Cluster
Jenna E. Ryon, I. S. Konstantopoulos, A. Adamo, and the SHUCS Team Connections between Galaxy Morphology and Star Cluster Populations in Nearby Spirals
Giulia Savorgnan and Alister W. Graham The Black Hole Mass - Sersic Index Relation for Bulges and Elliptical Galaxies
Eon-Chang Sung Census of blue compact dwarf galaxies from SDSS DR7
Christopher Usher The Sizes of Globular Clusters in NGC 4278
Christian Wolf Transforming Spirals: SkyMapper BBC
Tye Young Multiwavelength properties of dwarf galaxies in the Local Volume I: deep NIR surface photometry and properties